Global Trade Barter Support System

Understanding Bartering and Trading

Sell stuff at Auction:

This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items or inventory that is not selling. Raise owner investment.
By liquidating extra personally owned items, business owners can sell items and use the Vducats raised to invest into their business effectively raising the value of their business with stuff that was not in use.

Sell Personal Items:

It's recommended for business owners to have 2 accounts to keep things simple if they intend to sell personal items and not invest in the business or if they expect to buy a lot of personal items. There is no contract so cancelling an account is simple. The first 6 months dues are paid upon joining and not pro-rated if someone chose to leave the organization prior to the 6 months time has lapsed.

Barter Is Not Limited:

You can be part of an intelligent and dynamic alternative to our failing economic system. The uses of barter are almost unlimited, especially when you consider all there is to trade personally or for business needs and uses. For example, vehicles, camping, rent out an idle condo or cottage, auto repairs, unused game or concert tickets, employee incentives or bonuses through something purchased or a deposit into an account, home repairs, tutoring, pet food or toys, appliance repairs, auto detailing, motorcycles, jewelry, restaurants and bars, payroll alternative, massage, osteopathic care, naturopaths, hobby shops, gifts, clearly the sky is the limit. All can be bartered for. Barter your hobbies other interests.

Save money Through Creative Employee payments:

If you set up accounts for employee perks, compensation, awards, and bonuses they too can learn to barter. The more they barter the more cash you can keep in the business by depositing barter Vducats in their account. Close and return