Global Trade Barter Support System

Understanding Bartering and Trading

Barter is The Root To Success:

Humans have always been trading goods and services. Today, barter brokers are taking the ancient art of bartering to a new level that's capitalizing on a tight credit market, and turning excess inventory or underutilized items or time into income. It can also be an excellent way to rapidly build business connections. Most often when you barter you invariably deal and meet with the owner which often would be impossible normally and immediately there is a connection that cannot compare to shopping like everyone else with cash or credit. These connections typically grow through referrals again producing more commerce. More commerce generates more income and job growth. Small companies frequently do informal bartering on their own, but we make the process easier and much more profitable through organization and exposure.

Instead of paying cash for services - for shipping, business cards, advertising, landscaping, repairs, payroll services, or just about anything you can imagine, we can convert those expenses to be paid for with barter currency (Vducats). It can be understood as though it was a time bank where your time is held in a bank account to use whenever you like for a service or product you need when you want. The problem with doing it on your own is that you can only trade with someone if you both require each other's service. (Bilateral trade) Generally one person often ends up with a balance and begrudgingly takes more service or product from the trade partner to zero the account. With FEN there is a third party where anyone inside the organization is the third party and will recognize the value of your time in your bank account that you accumulated with the first transaction. Obviously it's not always time that is banked; it can be any type of service or product which we measure in what we call Vducats. Each Vducat is valued at the equivalent of 1/100th of a gram of gold which fluxuates and is set at 12:01 am EST by the NSE closing price.

"Cash Rules" is the saying. For small businesses right now more than ever this is truly the case. Credit is harder and more intimidating to acquire. During recessions people start bartering, because it keeps cash in your pocket. Nothing can compete with this method of keeping cash in your pocket. Often inventory that wasn't selling will now sell because the purchaser would much rather part with Vducats than local currency (eg. Canadian or U.S. Dollars) The purchaser also knows that the Vducats they are spending are most likely from new business. This is rewarding on its own, then, add to it the fact that they get a chance to see Barter at work makes it even more exciting. To see how they are benefiting from this "new to them" style of doing business, makes them very happy to spend their Vducats and makes them grateful they did this transaction. The miniscule fee of 5 Vducats per month this is the cheapest form of advertising you will likely ever spend and give you the ability to track the new business your investment is bringing in through your new bank account.

The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), says that; "the barter industry is currently increasing at a rate of between 5 and 8 percent annually in countries around the world. There has been a lot more interest in barter transactions because it's simply providing an alternative way for businesses to gain revenue, and in this economy, that's what they need. It's another way to do business and reach additional markets." Alternative currency is very popular but not immediately recognized until it's pointed out. Air Miles is the first and largest that everyone in North America recognizes. Any loyalty points from any business are an alternative currency. In Canada there has always been Canadian Tire money. Everyone has a drawer somewhere with some. Canadians recognize the value of it. There is always a department in Canadian Tire where you will find something of interest where you can use your Canadian Tire money.

Statistically retail sales are not growing but Amazon is showing over 20% growth ref ( Internet sales are growing and most businesses are too busy to get on board with promoting their business to it's potential on line. Web presence is not enough. Part of our unique approach with FEN is that the very same partners we are partnered with we want you to partner with in order to bring your business to it's fullest potential. Close and return