Global Trade Barter Support System

Understanding Barter and Trade Free-Exchanges Network (FEN)

Q. What is Barter anyway?

A. The trading of goods and services.

Q. Why would I barter

A. When you barter essentially what you are doing is expanding your businesses wallet to include your inventory. Now instead of using cash to buy that item you trade a piece of your inventory or a service to acquire the very same item and not only does the cash stay in your cash register/bank account or wallet, but the item cost you less. If you spend one dollar assuming it hasn’t been taxed yet then you will receive one dollar’s worth of goods, but if you use one dollars worth of inventory then it will acquire more than one dollar’s worth because your inventory or service has a profit built into it. Your inventory or service has become it’s own currency. A complimentary currency to Canadian/US dollars.

Q. My only exposure to barter has been the Barter Kings tv show. I am not desperate to get rid of my stuff at a loss! After I trade an item with you, you won’t want any more of my stuff. I don’t get it.

A. We have been running into many people who think this way. This could not be further from what we are about. No resemblance whatsoever, so forget everything you saw on that show. We do not get involved with any aspect of your dealings with others. This system is not designed for you to take a loss of any sort. In fact the ideal situation is that you get your full retail value equal to a price that you would sell to a customer paying with US or Canadian credit or debit card. The only way that we are involved in your deal would be comparable to making a deal over the telephone. We are a platform like the phone company is a platform. Use us to make a deal. Pay the monthly fee for the service. Like a cell phone company we do have upgradable packages. We call them value added services. They also will be at incredible prices offering much more value then they cost.

Q. Why should I pay a barter group to barter to trade? Can’t I do this on my own?

A. Sure you can do this on your own, but it’s difficult to find that person or business that is offering what you want who coincidentally wants what you have to offer, not to mention they want an equivalent amount of your product or service. If your item is worth much more than your trading partner, you will be in a position of taking more of their product you need in order to make the deal happen. It would be like buying a $50 item but you only have a $100 bill so you take2 when you only want one. Now you are in the position of becoming your friends salesman because you have to sell one of his items for the same price they sell theirs for but they have a market for it, and they are the experts on the product so who is going to sell theirs first? Honestly, you will be stuck with that item.

Q. So how does FEN solve this issue of inventory imbalance?

A. We are an alternative financial institution. We give you an account. When another member acquires a product or service from you, the value of your product plus any required taxes is deposited into your FEN account. You are free to spend this any way you see fit with any other member in the organization.

Q. But I sell expensive items. I will have a high balance in no time. I need that money to re-invest in my business. I can’t afford to have the inventory missing, nor do without the cash.

A. Relax. This isn’t your ordinary barter bank. You have just discovered the most revolutionary system to hit the world of commerce. Your barter account is so valuable that for the price that many pay for a POS (point of sale or debit) machine you can convert your barter money into Canadian or US money. FEN will buy your account down to $1000 vducats (which is the complimentary currency FEN has chosen to track trades) in your account.


A. Yes. It is true. We will buy your vducats and resell them.

Q. Can you explain the vducats anymore?

A. Yes. We also have an agreement with a currency exchange company where we get a great deal on their ability to track barter dollars and keep them stable through an amazing algorithm that the geniuses have come up with. Even if US dollars or Canadian dollars were to fail, your vducats will still have value inside the system. This makes them more secure than bitcoin.

Q. How is that possible?

A. I will answer that with a question. If a country’s currency failed would that devalue your labor or your products value? You have sweat energy in your product or service or your you gave something of value to own your inventory, therefore it still has value. The problem the country’s currency has no value. Would you take any money from Cyprus right now in trade for your product? Of course not but you will take US or Canadian money won’t you. It is no different.

Q. Should I consider putting my savings into vducats?

A. There is no reason not to if what you seek is safety. If you are looking to make a profit from interest, that option is not there, but we do offer investments for limits over 10,000vducats with varying degrees of risk.

Q. I suppose YOU want to be paid in US dollars though don’t you.

A. Absolutely not! We are not hypocrites. We fully understand the other barter banks want US dollars or Canadian dollars. We prefer vducats. Yes we can make arrangements to accept US or Canadian dollars,

But let’s be real. We promote vducats, we prefer vducats, we spend vducats and we support and use members services or products every chance we get.

Q. The big question. How much is this going to cost?

A. Only 20 vducats per month. At current rates that is about $10 per month. There is a more expensive way but with our unique approach, we have an iron clad contract with Loyalty Discount Group. We will offer you completely free unlimited bartering to all members of Loyalty Discount Group. Their fee is 20vducats per month. You could also opt to pay $2400.00 USD one time fee to have the same privileges. That is paying 20 years fees up front.

Q. How can you only charge $10 per month when all your competitors are charging 7% to 15% per trans action?

A. I thought we already established that we have no competitors. We fully understand that other barter banks charge exorbitant fees. Most of our program will be self directed, keeping labor intensity down. This is the way of the future. Because of our software and our vducat buy back ability we can expand beyond other barter systems wildest dreams. Expect some advertising on our sites to keep your cost down.

Q. Advertising you say? Can I get in on that?

A. Of course, but at a discount of course. We are fixated on your prosperity.

Q. Is this associated with any other banks.

A. No. This is a stand alone company that is only possible because it is not standing alone. We recognize that the only way to prosper in the future is to gang up on the competition. This is how the big box stores and Amazon works. They do not own all the products they sell. We will not own all the products available on out system, nor are we interested in owning it. We will not try to get you to lower your price to the point of starvation like what is expected from big box systems. We do not compete against you. We have no association with any bank or International Monetary fund. We are associated with companies who have ours and your best interest in mind. We will expose you to companies who have programs to teach you how to expand your business through a variety of methods.

Q. And what are these methods

A. They will teach you how to make the most of the internet, how to gain customer loyalty, increase market share, understand what your market share can be, how to drive business to you and much more.

Q. This is awesome! How do I sign up?

A. Sign up by Clicking Here!

Q. Can I get a receipt?

A. Yes.

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